Needs a new Mobo and CPU ;(

Did some “tests” this weekend, it isn’t my power supply which died, it was the CPU, or motherboard, so I need a new one. hmm.

This is probably what I’ll end up getting;

Intel Core i5 2400K
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 Motherboard

PS: My wifes netbook doesn’t let me do any coding atm though, I have all the code on an external drive tho.

~ by Vairn on August 29, 2011.

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  1. Needs screenshots 😉
    Which IDE and SDK are you using for iOS and Android/NDK development? I noticed the information about Visual Studio and winGDB – is this all?

    By the way, Z68XP-UD3 and 2400K are reportedly 100% hackintosh-friendly.

    • Needs PC hehe.

      Yeah, my choice of Hardware was influenced by the compatibility, since my Core 2 Duo MacBook (which has no working mouse or keyboard, and is lagtastic, and being at work takes about 15mins to compile iUAE. (mostly the Emucore) and Xcode seems to think a full recompile is needed most of the time.

      I started using Visual Studio for Android, but WinGDB is missing alot of features, and likes to destroy my occasionally, so I moved to Motodev, which uses Eclipse. Which isn’t that bad, since most of my coding is done under OSX. and It also works on Win/Mac/Linux.

      My iControlPad turned up last night, so it is time to test that the code for it, and the iArcade actually works :).
      It works in standard mode, via BTStack, if your jail broken, and via BluezIME on my Galaxy S 2.
      I need to test the “HID Keyboard” emulation mode, for non-Jail-broken phones.
      This is the second one they mailed me, the first one got lost in the post.
      It feels nice and solid, the trigger pos, is a little awkward. Feels Just as solid as THB’s Pandora though.

  2. I hope that you solved your PC problems and health problems and the project is still being worked on.
    Btw, 😉

  3. Hello Vairn. Keep us informed, thanks and good job

  4. Is your project still on?
    I am eagerly expecting it…
    More than happy to beta test!
    Good luck

  5. Hello Vairn, my English is from google. I am 34 years old and I have owned the Amiga 1200 and CD32, Amiga I love, I spent happy moments with her and now I own an iphone 4 and I can see on the screen of the iphone Stunt Car Racer I’m sure I would be tears in his eyes. I hope not to be intrusive but I would like to ask you if you release a beta version also, I’m sure you know how I feel about amiga because you also have my own passion. Please think for iphone anyone other than you would be to create an Amiga emulator (the project Iamiga Stuart will come out because I do not think the rules appstore). Thank you and good job

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