to aros, or not to aros

Now that I have merged, ported, whacked with a mallet, the Winuae code to be more generic platform name here, friendly.

We now have a pixel buffer renderer, which I shall share with P-UAE,  as well as Audiotoolbox for sound.  So there is an alternative to SDL.

As people well know, AROS is now more or less 68k friendly and via taking the winuae source, I also have the AROS support from UAE, havn’t tested it yet tho.

I guess I am upto testing the HDF support, and Picasso96 stage, and if that is all good, I shall see if I can get aros running under it.

Just curious about the legalities of this, might send an email to the aros list.


~ by Vairn on July 20, 2011.

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  1. I would first finish P-UAE without AROS support then later would try to play with it, unless AROS gives noticeable boost to overall speed of emulator for older IOS devices.

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