Time is Running out!

Ok, my self imposed deadline for the alpha is getting closer, since my icontrolpad hasn’t turned up yet,I can’t test the code I implemented for it.
So It will be in the EMU, but UNTESTED! so if anyone has one, please test it, and let me know if it works.
You can still use the wiimote that is tested, and works; I wont have time to implement the remapping of keys though.
BT Mouse support, I have tested this with my BT apple mouse, and well, Movement works, but It isn’t sending any mouse clicks, so there will be a separate build for people to test BT mouse’s and keyboards.

Picasso, will be DISABLED in the first alpha, there are too many unknowns atm for it, and I haven’t even tested classicWB or AmigaSys with it yet. So it will be delayed a week or two for testing;

Hardfile support will also be disabled.

These are my goals for the alpha;

I want people to test games, and how the emu feels, if I give all features at once there is too much to keep track of, so I am aiming for weekly builds or quicker depending on my free time, each one having a different feature activated.

More info on saturday, on what I am planning.

PS: The GUI may seem strange since I am aiming for Multi Platform, so it wont look APPLE like, since it also works on Android, OSX, Windows, Linux.

When done, I will share it with the P-UAE guys, cause sharing is caring.

For those who are interested, I am using GWEN, for the GUI, made by the Garry Mod people. I have tested it on Windows, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, and Linux.

With a custom skin of cause.


Ramble over.




~ by Vairn on July 27, 2011.

5 Responses to “Time is Running out!”

  1. I think you should continue to work on it until it done..forget deadlines etc…things like this shouldn’t be rushed, as always I’m at your disposal if you need any help

    All the best on this release


    • Your right mate, I have been thinking that myself, I still need to get ya the dimensions for the skin too.

      My daughter is sick again, so distracted by that… 🙁

  2. Take your time man!

    What you’ve been doing is seriously awesome, so don’t worry about being a bit late to the party 😀

  3. Take your time Adam, i hope your daughter is feeling better now.

  4. So is there something new about this Amiga emulator for iOS.
    I can’t wait testing it !

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